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What Really Happens Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of fashion shows is something I wanted to explore when looking at this year’s season. From lights, to cameras, to makeup, to videography, to IT support, to food vendors, there’s really so many moving parts that we are not even aware of. It seems that many of the new shows are doing everything they can to be like these old fashion shows. I really just want to see the creative vision of the designer and then feel the fabric and shine off the designer’s creations.

Of course, there are many different opinions on what constitutes a “behind the scenes” for every show. Here are some of the best and most interesting behind the scenes of the fashion shows that I could find.

The Best and Most Interesting BTS Shows

One thing I love about the third installment of the Giorgio Armani Jewelliana Project is how they finally got on camera and showed off their designs to Michelle Obama. When the audience saw them, they were even more impressed because they really did look like Giorgio Armani. They were definitely in a league of their own.

Another designer who should have had a traditional setting for their show is Valentino. Their collections looked so impressive on the runway and I still had the same impression I had while watching the show, “Oh my God.” Those designers really do need to have a more formal setting to show off their designs. It would be nice to see the real people take down all of their creations and give them a go.

There was a lot of excitement when it was announced that Donald Trump’s company would be throwing their ‘Trump: Now is the Time’ collection on the runway, but I feel that it was going to be their first taste of the online market and that was what we needed to see behind the scenes of fashion shows. They had just brought out the dresses and made their presence known, but how would their merchandise stand up against those from other designers? Hopefully this will be something they can market and promote to their millions of fans that are on the internet.

I have not heard much about Editions Mego collection, but I did see what they looked like on the runway. There were a lot of striking colors in their collection, and they seemed to have a sophisticated touch. I was impressed that a lot of their prints are woven with what look like rhinestones and beads.

The Mac Baguette collection had a unique mix of colors and I have to say that I was impressed with the way the collection looks. It was a bold color palette and yet their colors were very close to traditional colors, so I am hoping that the designer has figured out how to get the same look on his clothing in a way that is less expensive.

All of these designers had a designer’s collection that was not only unique but also beautiful. Ralph Lauren had a great collection as well, and his work speaks for itself. I could see him following the same route that Calvin Klein has with the Marcy clothes line, but with some added embellishments that his customers will really enjoy.

For the designers, the final outcome is usually all that matters. So instead of actually seeing the clothes on display, they should be happy that their designs have been showcased for the world to see. These designers also have a big advantage because the Internet makes it so easy to share their creations and get feedback from people all over the world.

Just because I love the designer or style that you are reviewing does not mean that I think that you are a better person for wearing their clothing, nor does it mean that your own talent is diminished by wearing it. All I know is that these designers are already famous and are doing what they do best and putting out what they believe is the best clothing they can make.

As far as my own opinion, I have yet to see any of the designs by Lauren, or Baguette or Mego. But these people can wear whatever they want. And the fact that you, me and the rest of the world get to see them is just the icing on the cake.

And if you need an example of what one of these behind the scenes of fashion shows is, take a look at Bianca’s “Spring 2020 Look” and put it on display. It is like a fashion show in itself.